Dienstag, 6. August 2013

Testing cakes at Nico's

Every time I go around Fasanenstrasse and Ku'damm on Saturdays without a notebook or a camera, I usually see a lot of new places that I am interested to test during the week. I should be careful to keep in mind the details of the location for going back as soon as I still have fresh memories about the address. This Saturday, for instance I saw Nico's and thought it is relatively easy to keep it in mind, but today, when tried to return for a sweet break after a couple of early work, I did not get it from the first try. It is situated at the end of Fasanenstrasse close to Hohenzollerndamm, on a very quiet part of this big street, isolated from the busy areas of Ku'damm, but hosting a lot of nice fashion outlet boutiques. I was wandering how many people may know about this place but as in the middle of the day all the 4 tables outside were busy, I realized that for people living in the immediate neighborhoud street, it is already a well known destination for the mornings. On Saturday, when I passed by it was also crowded. As in many other cases in Germany, companies do not invest too much in advertising but rely to the invisible network of personal recommendations.
The interior is elegantly and stylish decorated. Exactly of my choice: not too heavy, not too simple, just in the middle. The good ambiance to feel good, regardless of why you are there and of the moment of the day or of the year. It is perfect for a (first) date out or for a family discussion. It was very pleasant for me to stay outside, organize my notes with the latest schedule of blog posts while listening to the classical musical background. If you decide to go on your own, you will not get bored: besides watching people coming and going, you can also read some of the newspapers available inside.
But the reason I was there was not to get some tips about interior design, but to do some foodie tasting, isn't it? The pyramid on the left side is made of small tarts.
I am quite good to make observations about what I see, but it is always hard to decide what I want to eat. The options in the front of my eyes did not make my life easiear either. I eliminated the big slices and decided that the small tartellettes will be the choice for another occasion. I saw some cherry-chocolate cake but I am always careful with chocolate. The strawberries are not always my fruits of choice so, the blueberry tart on the left was the best option.
The prices are acceptable: a coffee and a cake around 6 Euro, the coffee being the cheapest. The cappuccino was not that great, the usual type that I usually can order to any simple bakery. The strongest point of the tart was the fruit selection: juicy, naturally sweet blueberries. The base was so and so, maybe too sweet for my taste, but fortunately, the richness and freshness of the fruits diminished the effect. Maybe I glass of water would have been a good option too. The menu includes also a lot of special types of teas so probably the next time I am in the mood to test something new and fast, I will improve my knowledge in this domain. 

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