Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Camera Work and rocks

I may not like their music, but I surely loved their photography. Hidden in an elegant interior yard close to Savigny Platz S-Bahn station, Camera Work is inviting the passers by to an exhibition of photography of big show-biz music stars. It sounds light and entertaining, but the photography exposed is the result of hard creative work. I was impressed by the quality of the work as well as the general design of the exhibition hall. 
David Bowie and Madonna are the most represented, but you will also see Jim Morrison, Serge Gainsbourg (my favourite), Jimi Hendrix, Vanessa Paradis, Mick Jagger, Elvis Presley (during his service in Germany, in 1958), the Beatles (including a Yoko and John lascivious instant caught by Annie Leibowitz)  or Snoop Doggy Dog. Many of them are excellent because they caught up exactly that special look, eye movement or expression that usually makes a picture unique. In painting, it is not that difficult to create emotion, but in photography, especially portrait photography, it's a matter of being ready to push the button at the right moment. Such an intuition cannot be learned, but the result of a long exposure to images and human life in general. 
At the beginning of the 20th century, Camera Work was the name of a quarterly photographic journal, created by the American photographer Alfred Stieglitz, published for over a decade (1903-1917). The German art gallery was created in 1997. It regularly presents contemporary photography reunited under a specific topic, like movies, gender issues etc.. This exhibition can be seen till 17 August. Most of the painting presented can be bought, from prices between 2,000 and 37,500 Euro (for Madonna). The entrance is free. It has another location in Berlin opened the last year. 

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