Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

Afternoon trip at Schönhauser Allee

Schönhauser Allee is the first place I visited in Germany and Berlin, back in 2005. When I am in doubts about the city and looking for some fresh inspiration, I return here. A couple of days ago, I enjoyed a lovely afternoon visiting some new and old places around. When I am here, I don't need to have a plan, as things can simply pop up my way. I started with a little investigation of the latest news from the Oil and Vinegar front. It is a shop in the Arcaden Allee, where you can the most unexpected flavours for vinegars and oils: for instance, the cranberries vinegar and the pistachio oil. 

Many artists and creative people in general are living here and in the last decade, the entire area changed from a former communist neighbourhood in a posh destination for many expats. The prices for houses are higher than in the West sometimes. They pay for the location, as many apartments are hosted in bad smelling block houses and the area can be quite noisy, especially if you have children. It sounds hippie and cool to live there so who cares?  There are also a different category of artists living and 'working' here: the graffiti experts. They can find here a lot of refuelling places to buy their utensils. Such this Writers Corner on Glamstrasse.

 Many of the citizens of the area are vegans and concerned about healthy living and most probably one can find here the highest concentration of bio shops. The prices are high but the products are high-end.
 Looking to give more comfort to your feet? Try Knitido a Japanese shop offering famous 10-finger socks. Colourful products for both genders and various ages, including yoga shoes. The products can be also bought online.
People living in Schönhauser Allee have their own fashion style - free, creative, very colourful, often shocking, always individual. This fashion boutique sells some of them. 
 Not everything is vegan though. Even a non-meat eater can find such a street invitation appealing.
Selling books is a good business in this part of the city. More than in my Western part, I bet. This book store has many German books, with a rich children section - Schönhauser Allee was for a long time considered as having the highest birth rate in Germany, after all - and literary events. 
 Closer to Rykestrasse, Pasternak has typical Russian meals and delicious mojitos. It is lovely to go there in the summer evening and to sip your glass while watching the busy groups coming and going.
Fashion needs often to go out in the streets to bring more colours. Another sample of dressing well, East Berlin style.
Someone unused with the area, can find the connection unusual. Everything is for a reason on the streets around Schönhauser Allee. 
 A little walk in the park and an intellectual moment, memories of a visit at the museum I had this May.
People living here love to have modern apartments arranged according to the latest trends of design. More than in the Western part, you can find here a lot of architecture and interior design consultants.
Bikes are the favourite transportation in this area. A couple of months ago, many car owners were the victim of vandals in many parts of the city. The bikes can be stolen too...
Back in Arcaden, another sweet fresh healthy green excellent treat before taking the Ring S-Bahn to go home. After all, I don't need to live here as long as I have good connection to arrive in the area in less than one hour. See you soon, Schönhauser Allee!

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