Sonntag, 4. August 2013

Koko von Knebel: A fancy dog closet

I do not have a dog and never had one - please don't send me to the psychoanalyst for that - and don't plan to have one in the near future. But I love to see new and sometimes strange things in the shops and thus, I cannot resist the temptation to enter a very top-notch shop for special dogs. I am not the kind of person sending the advice: 'you better have your own child than a dog', I am not that stupid. Actually, after visiting this Koko von Knebel shop in Savignyplatz I envied a lot the fate of the small little dogs - most of the products are wisely designed for them - that can dress in such a fashionable fancy way. 
The most attractive section of the shop is represented by the clothing selection: different colours and designs and models of dog suits. Most probably you can hardly resist to buy at least once the week such an item. Thinking about dressing the dog daily reminded me of the dolls' playing as a kid. And I have no idea how hard it is to dress up a dog. At least, you don't need to make up him/her. 
For bigger dogs, or more casual ones, you can find various jewels and lashes and other accessories that I did not dare to ask the friendly lady at the counter why are we there for. I did not look as the typical shopper, I am convinced.
When it comes to furniture and plates, things are simpler but more expensive and was seriously thinking how much interior design work one may need to set up a human-looking room for the dog. Don't forget about the toys, sometimes more creative and good looking that the ones produced for children - most of the Made in China ones can easily qualify to such comparison.
The common sense told me that I better leave the shop before I am offered impressive collections that I will not be able to refuse from buying. And the only problem right now is that I do not know anyone with such a fancy dog and generous budget for such an investment.  

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