Montag, 15. August 2011

The business of the day: Umbrellas

Very often lately I am terribly bored of listening myself developing the subject of "weather in Berlin". I am changing the wording, the tone, the partners of dialogue but still it's a terribly boring business. So, when I was thinking today what topics to address for my little funny blog and was thinking about...the weather (again and again) I found among my 2-month old pictures from Steglitz one of the perfect business ideas in town this season: making and repairing umbrellas. 

A very generous offer for all tastes

The creative shop is called Schirm-Schirmer and was created in 1908 - more than 100 years ago. Currently a family business, the place was visited by all kinds of umbrella-fans or seekers: from elegant ladies, nostalgic of the old 19th century style where the umbrella was an indispensable accesoire, to stylish businessmen, normal people looking to buy an emergency protection against the rain or...Bill Clinton. The models offered are intending to fit the most exquisite tastes. Although you are an optimist and you believe - worrisome - in the global warming, you will still be interested in visiting the shop, as you can buy sun umbrellas as well.  
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