Freitag, 19. August 2011

Flohmarkt am Mauerpark

Every Sunday, cool Berliners are hurrying up to Mauerpark to grab the best deals and creatively decorate their alternative apartments. Flohmarkts - flea markets - are a tradition in Berlin and all over the week you can find various used and overused objects. After, you could stop on the hills with your beer(s) watch some cultural improvisations and relax (if the weather allows you). Good and easy deals are possible, here being one of the best places where you could test your negotiation skills. 
You could start your trip with some strawberries (made in German we've been told)

The best place and time for some musical entertainment 

The lesson of the day: Lavender syrup is a reality

I visited the place - for the first time! - last Sunday and excepting the aggressive rain which brutally disturbed my picnic I enjoyed the show. One of my first visits after moving to Berlin was to a flea market from the neighborhood, as a way to start my understanding of the German culture and society, through the old books and objects put on sale.
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