Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

Veganz life

Following the indications from a leaflet I received the last week at the Flohmarkt, I visited this week the newly-opened Veganz superstore in - where else than - Prenzlauer Berg. I was interested about the products on display in the superstore - not so moderate prices, but almost everything you need if you are vegan or vegetarian or simply you have specific food requirements - but mostly about the restaurant part, where I was hoping to taste again the wonderful vegetarian - gluten-free, by choice - hamburger. The space dedicated to restaurant is composed of three tables, and some outside - hopefully, it was a nice sunny day - and they do not serve the hamburger, but you can have instead coffees, cakes, some spring-rolls and...I don't remember anything else worthy of my memory-bits. In addition, you can find in a corner some cosmetics.
And, if you are a tattooes fan you will have the occasion to admire the body-art displayed by the colourful girls taking your orders. 
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