Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

Ha Long Bay von PBerg

Ha Long Bay means in Vietnamese the Descending Dragon Bay and is a touristic attraction, part of the UNESCO Heritage. It is a common name for many Vietnamese restaurants all over the world, but we rarely pay attention to such details. All we, the Europeans, need is a good and, if possible, cheap food. 
The Prenzlauer Berg variant is offering Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Japanese (Sushi) food at very convenient prices - be careful when do they have happy hours. You are served well and fast and during the sumer you can admire from outside the coming and going from Schonhauser Allee.
As I wasn't so hungry, I ordered a couple of pumpkins sushi and shitake (Asian mushrooms) sushi. Cheap - 1.60 the 6 pieces - and easy.
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