Freitag, 19. August 2011

First London, then Berlin?

While watching the news about the London unrest I was seriously thinking about when such a fire could start in Berlin. I knew the aggressive outbursts from the May 1st, and other violences taking place periodically in the Eastern part of the city, as well as the notorious cars' burning. 
That latest phenomenon continues at an intensive pace in the last days intensifying the worries about what's next...And, in comparison with London, in the case of Berlin isn't about the big distance between rich and poor but only about a inconsciously cultivated hate against everything going beyond the showing-off of so-called modesty. All those green lovers, eco-friendly anarchists, dressed as poorly and anti-fashion as possible are continuing - consciously or not - the stereotypes of the post-war anarchist left. Intellectuals or beggars, they believe that the minimalism - in working, dressing and thinking - and the overwhelming reliance to the state it's the answer to the world questions.
I wish for Berlin to stay away of the riot and to keep it's minds and hearts open. 
For good and for worse I will stay around with my camera.
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