Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

Kjosk food market

Via Facebook, I was invited to participate - just a little clarification, avoiding any confusion regarding my poor status in Berlin city: being "invited" on Facebook doesn't mean I enjoy any special status, it's simply a neutral notification you receive together with any other hundreds+ people - to the first edition of the World Street Food Market at Kjosk. Kjosk was recently featured in the New York Times travel section and as I love to be a trend follower, I couldn't wait to see the place with my own eyes and lenses. 
Plus, I wanted to take a serious look at the dishes introduced at this edition of the world street food festival.
As in many cases, when you are expecting to attend such an event you shouldn't expect anything special and glamorous and out-of-order. 
The place looks as a re-used beach, with various pieces of furniture creatively planted all over the place, graffitis and chairs and tables and you are served from the bus - a 1970s BVG Doppeldecker. 
The participants of the food fair - I stopped over Japan, France, Greece and some Middle East dishes - displayed products probably prepared during the morning at their homes, at good prices. People come and go, tasted or, as in my case, only took some pictures. 

The famous bus in the Kjosk

Japanese delices

Middle Eastern choices

A little bit burned, but still French

Maybe the next time it will be something different. 
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