Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

The Sunday coffee at St. Oberholz

St. Oberholz reminds me of the first weeks in Berlin, when I was discovering new corners and restaurants and was trying to be in time to meetings with people I didn't see before. 
The place is always full, with many people chosing this vegetarian-friendly bar/light restaurant as their home office (wifi provided with the sugar for the coffee), including on Sundays. When I arrived there the last Sunday afternoon I felt in the middle of a busy day in an advertising company. But it's enough place either outside and inside, at the basement or at the first floor.
English-speakers are welcomed and frequent customers are covering many far geographical areas from the Globe. An interesting antropological expedition.
After a short investigation among my friends who are regularly visiting the place, I will recommend the wide selection of cakes and the tea as well as some sandwiches and quiches.
The restrooms - although not crystal clean - are funny, with a hen and a rooster giving you some hints about the proper place for your gender.
I don't have any idea who this St. Oberholz was, but I suppose he had a pleasant life.
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