Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Berlin it's having its own cosmetics brand

Berlin is one of the best branded city in Europe, with various creative projects underway, outlining the diversity and complexity of the city. From the development of this process many individual brands developed, aimed to answer the needs and demands of the population of the city. As natural food and natural life is one of the main concerns of most part of the Berliner, a company created a vegan brand of cosmetics i+m Naturkosmetik
It's using 100% certified organic cosmetics, 100% vegan and 0% animal testing, preservatives and parabenes. It manufactures Berlin and Berlin is part of its identity. Berlin is a brand nurturing ideas for other brand using its prestige and values.
The soap smells as a green sweet

Shower gel with a menthol smell
I already tried some of the projects and found them refreshing and healthy.

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