Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Places to spend the sunny days: Rüdesheimer Park

The last week-end was a perfect disaster weather-like: cold rain, rain and rain again...I insisted to keep the windows open - as I do every single day of the official summer, but dressed and slept as on a camping at the North Pole. The weather forecast for the next days doesn't look friendlier either, but just in case, if you have some time and energy and you like the sun - you do, isn't it - I can fully recommend you a place where to spend a lot of nice moments: Rüdesheimer Park.

Situated in Wilmerdorf, four minutes away from the U-Bahn 3 station Rüdesheimer Platz, it is a quiet place to walk for a while, relax and read. In the immediate neighborhood it is an open garden so you can admire the wonderful lanscape and statues while sipping a refreshing drink (the choice is yours). 

The name reminds is taken from a place with the same name from the Land Hessen, as the names of the streets around. It entered the public circuit in 1905. The statues - an aquatic allegory - by Emil Cauer d.J. were inaugurated in 1911. A wonderful English garden, maybe imposing you a bit of seriosity and sobriety, but still a refuge against the stress. 

An old-style U-Bahn station

A very refreshing choice of flowers

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