Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011


As today I am in a very intellectual mood, I will send my dear readers back to school! More precisely, to the University building from Hegelplatz, on Dorotheenstrasse 24, where they can learn more about the student life in Berlin. The exhibition on display here is featuring the most important moment from the last 200 years of university life. 
In July, you can see too an exhibition about the long process of integration of women and Jewish intellectuals into the intellectual life. You will not find any equivalent of the Dreyfus affair, but interesting details and information about the recent intellectual history of Germany, most specifically Berlin's. 
The entrance for both exhibitions is free and free English guides could be provided. It could be a different way of discovering Berlin. The projects are part of a student initiative trying to improve and correct the official histories, outlining the various roles played through history by the students and their movements.
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