Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Restaurants to avoid in Potsdam: Sushi-Bar My Keng

This is another bad example of bad client service and, in general, an indifferent attitude towards the clients. Whatever they are and whatever language to they speak.
This is the story: Sushi-Bar My Keng it's a nice and small restaurant situated in the center of Potsdam, on Brandenburger Str., where you can find all the good shops and most part of the good food. The prices are normal for a touristic city. They serve sushi but also Vietnamese dishes and you have the possibility to stay outside enjoying the sun and the messy coming-and-going of tourists. 
But, the service, oh, the service: we called 2-3-4 times in a desperate German until they had the amiability to make us a visit to take in full our order. And we were not the only one. You needed to shout loud to attract the attention of the waiters. But this was not the one and only problem, unfortunately.
We finally found somebody to take our order and waited for the food. It was a long day and we needed a bit of refreshments. And it came: As we order also meal no. 66 - Bun' Cha' Nem Frühlingsrollen angebraten mit Reisnudeln, Salat, Erdnüssen und einer exotischen Sauce - we didn't know that this meal contains shrimps/Garnelen, in German. Ladies and gentlemen, we really have a problem: we don't eat shrimps. We were lucky enough to see this in time, and we politely told them that we don't want a food with shrimps and we order something with a contents they didn't mention on the menu. Told them once, and twice, in German and English. Not a single sign that they were understanding what I was talking. A the end, a man dressed in white arrived and took the food. As we wanted to order something else, he shouted: No food, kitchen closed! Wow, it was about 3pm...And asked for another waiter to make a new order, convinced that we were the only ones to have a problem there. While I was trying look for a new order, while explaining again it was their mistake and maybe there are people allergic to shrimps and they could face different problems the next time so it's better to indicate all the ingredients on the menu, the man passed by and repeated his "polite information" plus: "You ordered and didn't want to take the food, we don't serve you any additional meal!" Great people and a great business, isn't it? 
We run to finish what we had, paid the bill - it was a try to put as pay the damn "Garnelen", but at the end we didn't - and left running as far as possible.   
It's by far the worse human experience I ever had in Germany, driving me terribly nervous and angry.  I deeply hope it's the last encounter here with such a rude behavior. 
Otherwise, if you hear about Sushi-Bar My Keng Potsdam, think twice, maybe they need first to take some lessons in politeness and civilized behavior before starting to serve people. It's a well-known certified Asian brand, anyway.

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