Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Bomb It

As France's national day is coming (14 July) I decided that I should visit Institut Francais to catch up some news. I've been here several times for movies, once had a temptation to make a monthly card - but gave up - and on another occasions I visited the exhibitions. For a francophone as I am it's a shameful record, but let's say that I keep my France always with me, although I cheat with English, German, Italian etc.
This time, I was charmed by the exhibition of Miss.Tic: urban street integrated into the mainstreet stereotypical frames, with inspired mottos and gracious stencils - combinations of black, white and lot of red. 
An invitation to discover a French artist, very close of the ways of expression of many German artists, but also the pleasure of the Institut Francais.http://www.missticinparis.com

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