Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Movie Review: The black sheep

Lots of laughs and grins, but at the end I concluded that it's too real to be not untrue. Schwarze Schafe is a one hour and a half comedy filmed in Berlin, mostly black-and-white, where you will meet all of the daily stereotypes of the citizens of the Berlin Republik. 
What we can find in this box: alcohol, a lot of alcohol (actually, I must confess that I didn't have such a frequency of opportunities to drink since in the high-school; in comparison with other places I've been to, here poor or rich, educated or non-educated, all are desperately enjoying the pleasures of alcohol, whatever the content of the bottle and the hour of the day), the pleasure of being supported by the state, the coloruful wolrd of the U-Bahn, the psychedelic dreams, the Munchen vs. Berlin state-of-mind, the cheap geopolitical thoughts about the Middle East at a joint (the anti-American opinions included), river Spree, the parks, the double lives (modest at day, brave at night), the Satanist grotesque. 
There are many stories in stories, with people rarely crossing each other, but most likely to meet, with a lot of chilling out and working for nothing. 
This is Berlin.
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