Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

The latest food, drink and fun recommendations

Very dark and rainy day outside, but lots of ideas to write about so let's say that I found the remedy against the depressive procrastination about the terribly bad weather of this week-end. So, no more word about the weather, at least for the next 100 words.

On another note, the latest places I've been in Berlin and felt good to very good:

For a good cofee, I tried Schwarzes Café cheap, good service, most part of the time busy and a nice garden.

For an icecream, try Eisgrün, in Halensee with very sophisticated ice constructions, and tasty recipes.

For a good - to huge - portion, Tex-Mex Cantina is the answer! Although in Mitte, the prices are good and, again, the food is impressively big. If in Kreuzberg, another Mexican recommendation is La Pulqueria - interesting menu and smiling service.

Wish you all my readers an interesting Sunday!
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