Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Sunday in Berlin

After a very late morning, I decided that it's a shame and a pitty to continue procrastinating home - forget about the rhyme 'there are books waiting for me' - and headed to one of my favorite destinations in the West - Dahlem-Dorf, via U3, from the very classically designed U-Bahn Station Fehrbelliner Platz. 

A couple of seconds from the U-Bahn Dahlem-Dorf, we stopped for a vegetarian pizza (8.90 Euro) and a big bottle of water (5 Euro), at Ristorante Piaggio.
All you need is to cross the street from the U-Bahn  Dahlem-Dorf
A relaxed ambiance of a sunny Sunday
Aubergines, pepper, zucchini, some cheese and spinaccio
 For the dessert, we crossed the street for an icecream at Eiszeit. During the autumn, they serve here a very delicious pumpkin soup.
The beach feeling...

One coup, 0.49 Euro...a tempting price...

The next destination: Domaene Dahlem, one of the permanent destinations of my trips in the West Berlin.
An interesting museum to visit during the rainy days

Many options: a bio shop, farms, playgrounds, picnic area, animals, a mini-bar with many natural products

Old and new, technique and play

Sometimes, here are organized concerts and long beer-drinking nights

The colourful ways of nature

Who dares to open new ways?

A natural oasis and a little lake

The remnants of an old agricultural culture

Wild, wild horses

The kids can observe the animals in their natural environment

There are many opportunities for picnics and full laziness under the sun

A busy Sunday, with lots of visitors (the entrance to Domaene is FREE!)

Watching the visitors...
After three hours of wandering, we returned back home, for a little power-nap and plans for the evening adventure.
Berlin could be the loveliest place under the sun during the summer...

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