Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

More about Ku'damm's history

The sun is back so the tourists. If you are still bored after a long shopping at the KDW, just cross the street and you will have the occasion to learn some new and interesting things about Ku'damm, celebrating this year its 125 anniversary
Randomly, new facts about Berlin's Champs Elysée - the model Bismarck had in mind when wanted the building of Ku'damm:
- At the end of Ku'damm existed once Europe's largest amusement park - Lunapark - with 50,000 visitors a day and 16,000 settings in restaurants;
- In 1926, after playing here, Josephine Backer said: "In Paris, I was immediately homesick for Berlin".
- At no. 125, Gerd Rosen opened the first post-war gallery of Germany.
- Charlottenburg was also called "Charlottengrad", given the high percentage of Russian population.
- In the 1960s-1970s, after Unter den Linden entered in the direct area of influence of the Cold War, Ku'damm played a very important role in the topography of public protests and public gatherings: Elvis' death, protests of students, left wing stone throwing. 

I forgot many other things about this place, but you should visit for more updates.
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