Montag, 14. Januar 2013

A family hostel in Schoeneberg

Are you thinking about visiting Berlin but your budget is very limited? If you plan a group trip and if you are not one of those sophisticated tourists that even if they pay 20 Euro the night they still wait for the room service to answer at 2am, Sunshinehouse Berlin may be helpful. 

Right now, the winter price is applied which means less than 20 Euro. You need to book at least two nights, and the reservation can be done online or by phone. The rooms may vary, from those provided with a small kitchen and a restroom and shower cabin - the family choice - to the small ones with shared bathroom, the favorite choice of the independent travelers. 

The building is colorful, with nice reception people - at least they were so today, at 10.30 when I did a little journalistic checking of the location. You can order breakfast for an extra fee and the towels must be rented, if you do not bring yours with you. It is a non-smoking place and thus you should not hesitate to bring your children with you. They have a yard where you can barbecue and some games at the reception that can be used at the end of an exhausing day of travel in the city. 

It is situated close to the Innsbrucker Platz S and U-Bahn with good connections anywhere in Berlin. There are also bus lines available and you can arrive within one hour to any of the big attractions in town. If you are in the middle of planning your trip to Berlin, now you have another option that must be added to the list.

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