Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Rogacki for food lovers, and not only

Anthony Bourdain considered Rogacki as one of the best places to eat in Germany. I am living 15-20 minutes away of this place for near 4 years, but did not have too many curiosities to have a look inside. I did some photos a couple of summers ago of the funny fish at the entrance, but viewed from outside, the place looked too countryside, old style and I made my way fast forward to another fancy coffee place in Wilmersdorf. 

Viewed from inside, the place does not look too sophisticated either, a combination of canteen, deli and fish market. During the cold, winter season, you have no option but to eat without enjoying the comfort of a chair. This is exactly the opposite of a good meal for me, as I usually eat slowly and I need at least one good hour to finish. I never feel angry enough on me to punish myself with one hour of standing by. Out of the hundreds of sorts of cheese, fish and meat - including the 'wild' side of the eating zoo - I cannot eat too many of them, but this is my one and only problem. For those without too many problems and food restrictions, there is a real paradise of fresh food. If you want to real fresh fish, you can wait a little bit more as the usual customer - the waiting time may be around 10-15 minutes, extremely fast for such a crowded place - and wait till a fish is took away from the aquarium and prepared especially for you. The prices are acceptable and with a good 10 Euro you can have a fish soup or the fish of the day, plus a salad - potatoes with onion, for instance - and a glass of white wine. You can have your red one too, but on Friday 1pm when I visited the place, wine was the lucky colour of the glass so I try to recommend the latest wine-trends. Of course that you have your own glass of white beer if you can't leave without it. 

Everything is clean and most customers are civilized enough to leave the tables clean and to do not occupy them for more than 20 minutes. It was not too noisy either, with people coming, buying their food, eventually having an on-the spot tasting and leaving in full discretion. The quiet masses of West Berliners in a relaxing Friday afternoon. 

No hurry, just take your time

Forget the champagne, take a salad

Maybe you need to come back tomorrow for another new try

Not for my plate, only for my camera

Enough table to stand, if you are not a sophisticated customer

Wild choices, wild animals

From the aquarium, to your plate
The design is very old school, with many pictures from the old good times and without too much sophistication. The fridges and the counters are equipped according to the 21st century, but the air preserved the style of the second half of the 20s, when the place was created. The history of Rogacki - a German-Polish family - started in 1928 as a family business, and it continues to be owned by someone from the family. Most probably, you will find that place at the same place, serving the same food to almost the same type of customers, for another 10 or 20 years from now.

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