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Me at the Chocolate Factory

The shop can be found easily
When it is rain or snow or simply cold or any other weather-related calamity, and you have some blogs to update and you love what you are writing, you should hunt the indoor activities and writing opportunities. I am not a chocolate fan and I remember how I visited the famous Chocolate Museum in Cologne simply as a journalist on duty, without any personal involvement in what I was doing, but the Beriln location of Ritter Sport was on my list for quite a long time. I think it is a great place for families with children and for passionate chocolate eaters of any age. 

Can you resist the temptation?
What you can find in the shop
It is located central, on Franzoezische Strasse and is open during the Sundays as well. I was there before 10am, and it was not lacking customers: either you have a look at the delicious cakes based on traditional Ritter chocolate recipes - you can have your special combination as well - at the cafeteria, or you visit the souvernir shops - where you can find the delicious treats with less than 1 Euro, but most probably you can easily invest at least 100 Euro without too many difficulties - this is not supposed to be a financial advice, if you did not know it already.

A little non-sweet gadget to remember Ritter
Everything is for sale
The shop, opened three years ago, is designed very colorful outside and inside. The entrance is free and you can also book a place for your and/or your children for the choco workshop where you can learn how to prepare delicious chocos. It lasts around 75 minutes and it costs around 6-9 Euro, depending on the size of the group. The reservations can be made here, both for Berlin or for Waldenbuch, where the headquarters of the company, plus an art museum, are located. If you do not have too much time for spending so much time here, but you are still interested in having an idea about what the chocolate factories are about, you can see the short exhibition explaining how the cocoa beans are turning into your addictive sweet, as well as a short presentation about Ritter.

A little exhibition about Ritter and the history of cocoa
In less than 15 minutes you will have your lesson in cocoa
As many other German businesses, it started around 100 years ago as a family project and it continues to be so. Created in 1912 and launching the famous chocolate in 1932, Ritter will be forced to suspend the production from 1940 till 1946. The business will be fully back on the market at the beginning of 1950s. In 1954, they will record an impressive achievement: 4 tons of chocolate produced in one day, thanks to the common efforts of the 100 employees they had at the time. The famous square many can't live without was introduced first in 1964 and since then it is the most recognizable image of the brand, similarly with the Toblerone bar. The business continues to grow and new sortiments are introduced on the catalogue of chocolates. The creation continues and you may find the most creative combinations, at the most incredible prices. You can afford once Ritter choco the day and you will not need anything else. Bio sortiments were introduced and the company is following the trends of the day and invests a lot in the environment and ecological causes. More than a local success, Ritter is also part of the German business and country brand, and you can purchase the products in other 90 other countries around the world. 

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