Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Architecture in Berlin

This is not a post about housing architecture in Berlin, but it could be the beginning of some series about it. Some personal mentions about what I think by far about this category: I am not a fan of the Eastern boxes-of-matches style and don't find it fancy to leave there. I am looking for creative yet classical solutions of housing that I believe I am more likely to find in the Western side of the city. 

Some weeks ago, while on a small walk around Roseneck area, I spotted two samples of what I think are the type of houses I love to see and maybe to write more about. The Western residential area includes many diplomatic residences, but also new architectural compounds, many of them designed according to the rules of the old lovely Bauhaus. Wannsee area is another favorite architectural sightseeing for me, but have not been there for a couple of years already and I need some fresh visual updates.

Anyway, this is just the beginning of a comprehensive file that I intend to develop in the next weeks and months, with the kind help of some talented architects.

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