Montag, 14. Januar 2013

Jean et Lili

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When I asked today if Jean et Lili is a new shop, I was told that maybe the location from Rosenthalerplatz, where I was, is 12-month old only, but the one from Kreuzberg is already seven-year old. Apparently, I have enourmous things to learn about Berlin, and this was one of my lessons for today.

Some colorful scarfs, nothing to die for, actually
I entered the shop completely by accident, as I was in the area and relatively early for a meeting and wanted to spend some couple of minutes without having a specific destination. Two seconds after I entered the shop -attracted by the sweet window - I was welcomed with a smile and asked if I am looking for something. It was nothing special I was looking for - from scarfs, some designer clothes - obviously not the strong point of the business - some handmade lamps and veilleuses, handmade postcards and travel diaries. Last but not least, I saw here the famous Aleppo soap, apparently 'Made in Syria'. 

I had a look at the nice colors and acquarelle-like products and loved the ambiance so much that I was about to be late to my meeting. Somehow, it is this combination of sweetness, still life and a bit of kitsch that makes East Berlin and Berlin in general so attractive. Live your life, be what you want to be, and do it with lazy passion. 

This is what I will need maybe, after my Moleskine reserves are finished

For a second, I tried to stop thinking about politics

Isn't it 'suess'?
The prices are acceptable and now is the open season for sales. On the website you can order from 20Euro on, with around 6 Euro shipping costs. The orders can be delivered only within Germany. 

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