Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

Iberoamerican Studies in Berlin

Yesterday, while wandering around Potsdamer Platz, trying to run a bit for still finding open a shop for buying some cherry tomatoes, I stumbled upon the majestic presence of Mr. Jose Marti. According to my experience, wherever you will find out some traces of European-Ibero-American friendship, Mr. Marti will always be somewhere, either as patronizing a school, or a study section at the university or as a solitary statue on the street.

Yesterday evening, Mr. JM was alone, but I hope that he has a lot of company when just around the corner, at the Ibero-American Institute, interesting events are taking place. I did not know till now that such an institute exists, and one day I hope to have enough time for speding an afternoon or even a full day exploring their library. 

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