Montag, 14. Januar 2013

A parfume only for Berlin

I wrote over one year ago about a company producing wellness products Made in Berlin, today I've found a perfume Made in Berlin - it is called Breath of Berlin. It has the shape of the TV Tower and has four fragrances: two for men and two for women. It is already for 8 years on the market - without my acknowledgement, of course. The fragrances, produced by the company Majahti, is distributed only in Berlin, and only in the high-end locations of KDW and Galeries Lafayette. 

Out of the four choices, I loved one of the two men choices: sour-fresh top notes (grapefruit, bergamot) and woody-aromatic change (sandelwood, lavender, thyme). Interesting combinations of fragrances can be found in all the four types. For instance, Women-gold contains: fresh-fruity top notes (mandarine, citrus), with elegant sweet-spicy change (vanilla, white musk, pimento). The silver option for women has: aromatic-fresh top notes (black currant, cardamon) and berry-floral change (blackberry, jasmin, lilly of the valley). I do not associate all those beautiful fragrances with Berlin, but maybe I should think more and more and more about it.

If you are not in Berlin any more and you want to keep your breath fresh, you can order online, via the website. 

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