Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Wish to redecorate your house?

I always thought it is nothing worth to see here...
I very often go to art galleries, but have not been to a 5-store superstore hosting the most exquisite brands since years. The last time it was in Strasbourg, when I participated at a huge fair of design and furniture and spent almost 5-6 hours - due also to the discussions with the representatives of the companies exhibiting.

Such a colorful corner!
I went yesterday at Stilwerk to finish my documentation about kitchenware and kitchen furniture, but I spent most of the time wandering around and taking pictures - no one told me to stop, and with the exception of 2-3 shops with specific interdiction flagged at the door (ironically enough, there were my target shops), my camera was welcomed - of gorgeous living rooms and creative pieces of furniture. 
Some crazy corners by Isola Bella

Aerial view of a prospective bedroom
Even if I pass by the shop at least once the week in the last 3 years, I never considered that I can find there something interesting to see. Actually, for a long time I not even knew what this Stilwerk means, thinking that it may be an office building. There it is a lot to walk and if you are too tired you can stop at the nice coffee, with designer tables, situated at the ground level, or to use the elevator for the transportation between levels. The restroom is clean and stylish, and a wardrobe is also available, everything at the 5th floor. Stilwerk is a partner shop of Miles and More, an encouragement to travel more and shop even more. Conferences and concerts are organized there from time to time and tomorrow, I plan to return again, for a Dr. Hautschka beauty hour. 

I am still looking for a cool rugshop in Berlin
As everywhere else, those weeks are open for sales and you can find a lot of good deals for refurnishing your apartment. But before you start dreaming, think seriously about your budget. Most probably you need at least 1000 Euro for a serious facelift of your house. I enjoyed a lot the style - and the nice musical ambiance - from Lambert, which suits largely my design style, I loved the diversity of chairs displayed by Zeitlos and check the latest fine creations from Design Forum and Poggenpohl.

It was relatively busy for Monday afternoon, with a couple of curious Russian customers, frantically taking pictures of the most expensive items and trying to express their wishes for one or another pieces of furnitures in the most loud possible way. 

I ended up my tour with lots of new ideas about interior design, but also with some nice photos and ideas for articles. I was the winner this time. 

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