Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Sales @The Corner

Last Sunday, when I saw the beautiful view of the Corner Berlin and two nice ladies arranging the shops and the news about impressive sales, I was sure that the shop is open and waiting for me to finish all my savings in less than 10 minutes. Took some pictures, and ran to the door trying to force the knob that will open the chances of a futile success for a couple of hours. I was thinking that Fashion Week is about to start and I should try to get dressed a bit better, even I will be the same blogger and photographer intruder. A couple of seconds ago, my dream ended when the nice ladies waved their hands and told me using the universal sign language that the shop is closed. With a disappointed face, I went to the morning concert where I was supposed to spend my early morning hours. 

Maybe the next year, will be better. 

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