Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Back in time, but not my time!

Since I'm in Berlin, encounters with history are very often. More or less recent, problematic or less problematic, this city is a good destination for all those with an interest in the past. What I find very often ironic is the extent of the past transferred into present, mostly in the Eastern side of the city. Probably it's available for the East side of Germany, but didn't have enough time to fully explore this approach.

As somebody born and raised in Eastern Europe, I don't find any sympathy for the youngsters with red stars on their T-Shirts or pledging for a communist world, they heard it's a kind of paradise on earth. Perhaps they hope that in communism nobody's working and the state is changing into a motherly Hartz IV. In this scenario, their happy communist world is looking more as a hippy vision of a carefree society whose members are forever young. Maybe they based upon a serious ideological corpus, but given the historical reality of the communism everywhere, I can't take seriously the blind followers of such craziness. 

In fact, I tried to be as literary as possible, after seeing quite often billboards with conferences on Trotsky, anti-"imperialistic" statements and various other "third world" statements - the Middle East is, again, the favorite "area of expertise", as it used to be during the very red years of the Cold War. In a way, I'm happy for them all for not living anymore in a Berlin split and guarded by barbed wire. 

The following images were taken in March 2011. I repeat again, for the record: March 2011. Junge Welt is the newspaper of Linke, a leftist party, publishing extensive articles on the "road to communism". I don't wish them any kind of luck.

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