Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Charité protest in pictures

I take the advantage of this post to complain about the unexpected disfunctionalities of blogger the last Friday. This is the reason why I wasn't able to post in real time - as REAL journalists - do pictures from Charité protests, the Friedrichstrasse section. I was not supposed to attend visually this gathering, but while I was ready to spend my savings for some new English books at Dussmann, a terrible noise disturbed my literary procrastinations. And as the noise went louder and louder, I decided that I better go outside to see what's going on and maybe to take some pictures too. Carefully guarded by police, the protesters, not too many, but extremely loud in expressing their demands, they were heading somewhere to the governmental area. It was my first protest in Germany, a peaceful one, although the participants were looking enough stubborn to change the page and the style... 
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