Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Bookstores in Berlin: Timbooktu

As an unstoppable reader, the bookstores are almost my second home - and, by far, my favorite one, as all I have to do there is to read and look around for books. When I was running around the city sightseeing appartments, I stop for a long while at Timbooktu on Ku'damm. Every time I am in the neighborhood, I like to stop there to discover new books thinking about my special story with Berlin. You will find here various styles and kind of books - German-only, at various prices. Children are having a special dedicated section, with a playground corner and tables and chairs in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-style. I don't think that you need anything else to love books. 

For the West, for centuries, Timbooktu was a place of the imagination, a slice of paradise. We, the book-lovers, we know how the paradise looks like... 
One week ago, I was happy to visit the place with my new camera and to make pictures there. My enthusiasm was a bit diminished - like 0.25% - by the saleswoman who asked me with a worried face if I made pictures of the shelves or? (maybe she was thinking I wanted to photograph her...) Smiling, I explained that books are my main interest, but I'm sure she wasn't convinced. Hence, I wasn't able to make as many pictures as I would like. Probably, given other recent experience, it would be wise from my part to establish a strategy of addressing people before starting to make pictures. Otherwise, I will miss many interesting shoots.

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