Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Where to eat in Lübars

Hungry, but not starving, tired but brave enough to continue walking for another 10 minutes after entering the urban area and we decided to stop at 'zur Alten Dorfschmiede'. Good to be in the garden - the interior is overdecorated with various porcelaines and trophees and many other sources of gathering dust. You should be careful, tough, to prevent the small insects for falling into your food. Some could like it, we don't. I don't know nothing about the prices and conditions for the accomodation, but during the 40 minutes we spent here, there were many people coming and going from the pension's door, so I suppose is not bad at all to be there.

The service is fast, and the people are nice. The prices are pretty fair - for one meal - main, sweet, something to drink the average is 7 Euro.

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