Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

Treptower Park, after Victory Day

Shortly after Victory Day - 9 May - the day of the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union, the former official holiday in the GDR from 1975 to 1990 I went lost in the Treptower Park area, at the Soviet War Memorial (Sowjetische Ehrenmal). The second time in the area, the second time I'm lost. Hopefully for me, it was daylight and a bit of sun and I had the camera with me. Thus, I compensated the missed training opportunity - held on a street I wasn't able to find, for my eternal shame - with some fresh photos.
Although a working day - a Wednesday - afternoon, there were people visiting the site and fresh flowers were testimony of the interest for the place in the memory of the locals and international organizations and other countries - among which, the Russian Federation. 
I felt like being back in time. The alley leading to the big statue in the middle is narrowed by friezes placed on both sides presenting fragments from the 'Big War', with explanatory quotes from Stalin, in Russian and German. The design and the statues are belonging to the monumental Soviet style and are reaching the maximum development here. But as anything having to do with the history of Berlin, it attracts a lot of tourists, not all of them Russian or from the former communist space. In fact, it's an interesting view on history here.
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