Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Conversations in U-Bahn

This conversation took place before the US announcement of SEAL's successful operation against Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Sunday afternoon, May Day, a long day with the U-Bahn from the West across the East to another part of the West. You don't need to know of the stations to notice the geographical and geopolitical changes, you only have to look at the people. 

In the middle of Kreuzberg, two couples with two children - maximum 6-7-year old - are becoming my neighbours for 5 stations. The parents are looking in their mid 30s, dressed in overused sport suits. One of the kids is watching the tv screen with latest daily news in the world and in Berlin. When appears the news about the latest attacks in Libya, one of the men, apparently his father, no visible teeth on the upper jaw is starting a lecture about what's going on in Libya, about how the US is fighting there as it's fighting against the talibans. At the sound of the word 'talibans' the kid nodded and repeated the word, giving the impression that he was familiar with the issue. And, at the end, the man concluded (my approximate translation): 'Because what's going on in Libya, people are coming to Europe, many of them, to Germany, do you understand?' The kid looked at him and received a small pack - free - of Gummibärchen. The other members of the group, including the other kid, were looking apathetically around. They left one station after

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