Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

Healthy Shopping - Merheineke Markthalle

At the far end of Bergmannstrasse, if you resist to all the food and alternative shopping variants on your way, maybe you'll save some money to invest in your healthy eating at Merheineke Markthalle. Everything look fresh and clean and tempting without any danger for your diet. Fresh and salty seeds - ok, they were not having (yet, I hope) the Watermelon seeds with salt, as I was asked to buy by my creative family members - various cheese selections, fish and meat, fruits, many sweet products. The prices are acceptable, as anything you can find in Kreuzberg.
The design is very simple, but colourful and fit to the white and carefully distributed space. You don't simply put some merchandise in your bag, but you enjoy doing it in a nice ambiance. It's important, though.
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