Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

The taste of spargel

Two years in Germany and not any single piece of spargel in my life. Maybe because I don't want to do something popular and over-covered in the media - since March every single day you find news about prices, receipes, to-do and not-to do with it...most part of the restaurants - including the very high-class ones - are automatically introducing on their menus various sorts of spargel - soup, boiled, with fantastic sauce or without....
But during my visit in Werder I gave up and tasted in the variant from the photo: a very light one, boiled, with sauce Hollandaise (the universal recommendation) and with potatoes. Not bad at all, but I could live without...Anyway, one week after I prepare a special combination home, with other boiled vegetables - potatoes, zucchini - and went well for a spring menu. 
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