Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Old style restroom

Maybe some of my readers would object that writing about restrooms it's not such a high-intellectual topic. Wow. This is a simple blog written in various breaks from various trips and working and hectic projects where I want to enjoy freely my thoughts and a quality writing time. It's not about academic opportunities or  elitist approaches, as I have other playgrounds to juggle with such attractions.
When you are travelling or spending hours outside - this is the case now, when the summer blushed unexpectedly, with 30C today and 30+1C expected tomorrow - you will feel your physical limitations. As a tourist or a chilling-out citizen, you need...a restroom. And one good thing about Berlin is that you not only will find one such a "resting" place, but you can enter them without too many risks. I never visited such place during the night...
Public restrooms are most part of them free and - whatever the age or the design, the big majority are clean and safe. In the big shopping malls, you should pay a modic price - less than 1 euro - but it's normal to be thankful for the services you are offered.
The public restroom from the picture is near Rüdesheimer Platz, looks very old style - beginning of the 20th century - but inside is very clean and modern. It's worthy an exploration.  
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