Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011

On humans and bikes

I used to ride my bike in Japan every single evening. I used to almost risk my life while riding my bike in Eastern Europe, without enjoying any respect from my fellow citizens and car drivers. In Paris, I always love to make a tour of Versailles by bike. 
Parking place @Friedrichstrasse
The normal conclusion would be, that, of course, I can't live without my bike in Berlin. 
But, the truth is that not only I don't have any bike, but I not even thought about buying one. Not necessarily I don't want to be in the trends - which I true - but I'm perfectly happy with my transport connections and I prefer to talk a long walk with my own two feet. Plus, the weather is often so bad that I can't imagine myself turning into a herald of the green life riding the bike against the snow and rain and any other weather curses.

And, sometimes, as a non-bike person, I feel a bit oppressed by the arrogance of two wheels. In the subway, I can hardly move sometimes between bikes. My calm walks on various sides of the walking lanes are invariably annoying and disturbing the bikes. The opposite is equally true. 

Life is not bad at all without a bike and I can make so many nice pictures and talk with the people and stop arround without the stress of taking care of something else but me. Selfish me...

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