Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Revealing secrets: Where I spent the May Day

The end of the month is near - some pumpkin heads are ready to celebrate the end of the world...- I'm ready to tell a little shinny secret: where I spent the famous May Day...85% of me wanted to go to see the big fights. The historian temptation to be in the middle of the events. But my dear peaceful ones had had something else in their mind and politely invited me to a trip to Berlin's oldest village: Lübars. 

On this occasion I visited for the first time the lake area near Alt-Tegel, with Greenwich Promenade and the overcrowded icecream shops. From Alt-Tegel, you take a bus for another 20 minutes and you are there, at the old good green village. Flowers, green grass, interesting trees and an impressive number of tourists. Actually, I never in my life went through the woods and met so many people - and no, it wasn't scheduled any class trip. Bikes, dogs, children, families...Sometimes it was very hard to find a moment of silence. If you like horseriding - as I do - you can find here various options for long or short term classes and practice.
But, overall, the sun was burning and the people were smiling so decided that life is good and tasty and the decision to keep me away of the beating heart of the burning cars was good. 
The oldest habitat in Germany
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