Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011


Lots of anniversaries in Berlin this year. Not only Ku'damm turns 125, but also another symbol of the new Berlin, Hauptbahnhof celebrates its first five years of life. Five years since I know it as well, as I put my foot in Germany for the first time in 2006. The inaguration was made on the occasion of the World Championship. My first reaction after visiting the station was of surprise: a mamouth of steel and glass, in the middle of an area where re-construction was - and still is - the key-word. People coming and going, in the rush between changing destinations. The hectic rhythm is specific to any big railway station, I agree, but here the difference is the big scale and the space. While here, you feel like in a big shopping mall: a Virgin store, fashion stores, various kinds of restaurants.
From here, you can go (almost) wherever you want to go in Europe: to Budapest, Amsterdam or Paris, the world is yours. But you can as well connect with other S-Bahn network from Berlin. 
For artists-in-process or photographers, it's equally a good viewpoint and opportunity to improve your artistic skills.

Happy b-day Hpf.!
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