Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Speedy lunch at Dada Falafel

I've heard and read many times about Dada Falafel but given my high reluctance against reading and going to fancy popular places, I avoided a first hand contact with this place. But as today I was a bit without inspiration and fighting the hot hot weather - a situation available two hours ago as now a not-so-nice rain it's about to start - and in the area, I decided to give a try to this resto. The name is referring to two places: the falafel, fast-food location and the bar/gallery. Both are available with places outside. 

As I was hungry, I tried the Falafel option. The decorum is the usually creative at the limit of kitsch, with some classical elements kept probably from the old building and some colourful hype details. The service is nice although you made the order in between two cell conversations and you should ask them four times after if they understood your wishes.

The prices are good to very good - meaning that for 7 Euro you can eat and drink. If you don't want a sandwich, for the plate options, you are served with a lipia. 

My choice: a halumi plate, with cucumber and salad (although the problem with the Spanish cucumber I took the risk), mustard (very spicey), hummus (not enough, only a trace of). The halumi was a bit too fried, but in combination with the various dips, was tasty and soft enough for such a Tuesday. They have also some sweets - baklava, for example - and I saw on the bar side some mint-based drinks. 

The final decision: the next time when I'm in the area I will try other restaurants, or I will have a look at the funny French place - Nord-Sud

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