Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Varia from Berlin

What I missed during the week-end: 
- the celebrations from Ku'damm. I'd heard the fireworks Friday evening and I had a look Saturday evening from Olivaer Platz to Zoo, admiring the exhibition of old cars, drinking Coke for free and looking at the electric cars exhibited by Peugeot - an interesting and not such an expensive idea. During the week-end - and on other week-ends to come - the circulation was deviated adding another funny drop of chaos to the overall changes taking place (this year, again) on various U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines.
- about the long night of science lovers I don't have any feed-back...Another year when I missed completely these events...
- apparently (male) people are taking very seriously the Dad's day - June 2nd - and I've been told at least twice but respectable pater familia that this is an important event - spent, some (female) people told me, by long beer sessions. 
- Thursday is another religious day, shops will be closed and schools out for a long w/e...

The summer is smiling to Berlin and I wish I am more outdoors!

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