Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Dear Edeka management,

did you checked recently - the last three months, at least - the level of happiness, optimism and enthusiasm of your employees? I know that client service might be problematic sometimes here, but I am very happy with the services offered by your company: cheap, clean, nice locations, nice people. Or, in the light of the latest experiences, I used to be happy with your services, until the last 7 minutes spent at EDEKA Friedrichstrasse, just at the basement of the famous S-Bahn station. 
Tuesday not so-late-afternoon, around 3pm, many people, but not continuum flux. Quiet people - from time to time, at this very circulated railway station you can observe or interact against your will with various sorts of craziness - and...two ladies at the paying counter. One was looking so sour that I immediately decided to delicately move to the other waiting line. My happiness lasted only a couple of seconds - maybe three: the other lady looked angry at me, but I thought I was wrong - too hot outside and a lot of thought in my mind. And after finishing with the other two persons before me, she checked my products - a new juice - called vivaris, with yogurt taste, not an excellent choice at all and some toast and announced me how much do I have to pay: 2.03 Euro. Not a friendly voice at all. The second checking: something is wrong with this lady, for sure. But I continued to smile, grab some small change from my purse and gave to her. "I said 2.03. Here is only 1.03". The last 03 was told with a tone and half higher than the usual politeness rules. It took me a couple of seconds to realize where I was. For the first time in the last two years, I was facing this rude behavior. Answered her in German, as aggressively polite as possible that it's fine, I will gave her the missing 1 Euro and that she doesn't have to get worry at all about the final payment. Gave her the change, smiled and wished ironically 'Good luck' and left. As I was living, she was displaying a kind of grinny smile.
In conclusion, dear EDEKA management, do something for changing this situation. I am going quite often to buy stuff from this EDEKA shop and I'm afraid to face the two iron ladies again...Something should be done: a retreat, coaching, smiling sessions, higher salaries... 

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